Dr. Jean-Marie Luijkx 
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Curriculum Vitae
Dr. Jean-Marie Luijkx
Antoroma Company Limited France
949 rue Albert Einstein BP35
F-06901 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
Telephone / Facsimile (London): +(44) 171 681 1915
Telephone / Facsimile (Paris): +(33) 1 53013417
Telephone / Facsimile (Brussels): +(32) 2 706 5025
Telephone / Facsimile (USA): +(1)530 325 9465
E-mail: Jean-Marie@antoroma.com
Web site: http://www.antoroma.com/
100 Words Summary

Fifteen years world-wide experience in all aspects of Reservoir Engineering (Africa, Europe, Middle East, South-East Asia, Australia, North and South America and South Asia), in operating companies, joint ventures and consulting companies, working on offshore and onshore oil, condensate and gas fields. Wide experience in reservoir simulation, well test analysis, reservoir management, production forecasts, follow-up of operations, PVT, core sampling, SCAL, data acquisition, field reviews and field development plans. At present working as a Petroleum Engineering consultant in Agua Dulce (Veracruz, Mexico). Strong computer skills. Educational background: Ph.D. and MBA. SPE member since 1984. Spoken languages: French (native language) and English (fluent). Belgian nationality. Born in May 1957.

Burlington London Logo Burlington Resources Inc.
Petroleum Reservoir Engineer
since September 1999

MLN Field. Submission of a Exploitation Licence Application to Sonatrach and Algerian authorities.

Pemex Logo Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex)
Petroleum Engineer
December 1998 - February 1999

Ogarrio Field. Petroleum Reservoir Engineer in the 'Estudio Integral del Campo Ogarrio' by C.M.G. (Companía Mexicana de Geofísica). Data acquisition (production data, well files, PVT, wellbore diagrams, production history, secondary recovery). Feasibility study. Data analysis (behaviour of Pression and Production, well test analysis, review of petrophysical data, fluid characterisation, poroperm relationships, special core analyses, capillary pressures, maps of fluid movements in the field, material balance). database (Oil Field Manager, OFM) creation and maintenance. Recommendations for future development (secondary recovery alternatives, well spacing, infill drilling, EOR, gas lift optimisation). Transfer of Technology.

Rotating ONGC & PGS Logos Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC) 
Petroleum Engineer
May to October 1998

Bombay High field. Petroleum Reservoir Engineer in the seismic data acquisition and interpretation study by Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS). Check of the validity of the geoscience model for bypassed pay potential and current fluid contacts. Analysis of historical reservoir performance. Input to resolving production issues in specific areas within the field. Improvement in the existing reservoir definition integrating geoscience and engineering data. Support to the generation of hydrocarbon pore volume maps. Guidance and expertise in the application of reservoir engineering techniques. 

PDV Logo Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA)
Petroleum Engineer
April, July and November 1998

Re-exploration of the Bachaquero-Lagunillas Eocene reservoirs, Lake Maracaibo (second and third phases)in collaboration with a Beicip Franlab Exploration & Production team; reserves estimates, well testing, pressure maps of the Cretaceous and Eocene formations, determination of fluid types in future prospects, support to the study of asphaltenes and calcites scaling in formations. Recommendations for future development.

Oryx Logo Oryx U.K. Energy Company
Reservoir Engineer
November 1997 to March 1998

Follow-up of the Murchison field (operations, modelling, material balance, …) 

Lagoven Logo Lagoven S.A.
Petroleum Engineer
July 1997 to November 1997

Re-exploration of the Bachaquero-Lagunillas Eocene reservoirs, Lake Maracaibo; (first phase) data collection, PVT characterisation,

Shell Logo The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited
Petroleum Engineer
January 1996 to July 1997

Tunu-Kanbo Field Development Plan, reserves estimates, well test interpretation, data acquisition, reservoir simulation, production forecast, well test design.

ADCO Logo Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations
Lead Reservoir Engineer
September 1995 to December 1995

Reservoir monitoring of Bu Hasa field. Well testing, PVT, data acquisition, core sampling, reservoir simulation.

Woodside Logo Woodside Offshore Petroleum PTY LTD
Reservoir Engineering Consultant
July 1995 to September 1995

Follow-up of operations in Goodwyn condensate field offshore Australia. PVT, carbon isotope characterisation, well testing, integrated studies, data acquisition plan, gas recycling reservoir management.

Veba Oel Logo Veba Oel
Reservoir Engineering Consultant
April 1995 to June 1995


BSP Logo Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian Berhad
Reservoir Engineering Consultant
May 1994 to March 1995

Studies on oil and gas fields offshore Brunei. Well test interpretation. Reservoir reviews. Integrated studies. Determination of reserves and production profiles.

Intera Logo Geopec Group
Reservoir Engineer
February 1994 to April 1994

Responsible for Reservoir Engineering aspects of an integrated independent study for Bombay High field in India: well test interpretation, numerical simulation, PVT, material balance, core analysis, ...

Fina Logo Fina PLC
Senior Reservoir Engineer
January 1991 to February 1994

Follow-up of offshore gas fields in UK: Audrey, Hewett monitoring; Ann, Alison pre-development, Armada and Britannia projects. PVT characterisation. Gas recycling studies. Material balance. Reservoir simulation. Prospect evaluation. Support to Commercial, Project, Equity, Facilities. Computer software design and evaluation. Equity forums.

Fina Logo Petrofina S.A.
Reservoir Engineer
October 1989 to January 1991

Cenomanian Enhanced Oil Recovery Studies. Implementation of a horizontal drilling development (including design and simulation). Follow-up of Zairian fields. Implementation of Reservoir Engineering software.

Fina Logo Zaïrep SPRL
Reservoir Engineer
August 1987 to October 1989

Responsible for Reservoir management of approximately 100 wells onshore Zaire: data collection, validation and interpretation, well test analysis, secondary recovery, general reservoir management... Implementation, support and maintenance of numerous computer hardware and software as tools for Production and Reservoir Engineering.

Fina Logo Petrofina S.A.
Reservoir Engineer
September 1984 to August 1987

Follow-up of onshore fields in Zaire. Reservoir simulation. Secondary recovery projects. Well test analysis.

UMH Logo University of Mons
Research Assistant
April 1984 to September 1984

Modelling of the construction of semi-conductors.

FUNDP Logo University of Namur
Research Assistant
September 1983 to March 1984

Research in Nuclear Physics. Teaching and Supervision of University Students.

FNRS Logo FNRS (National Fund for Scientific Research)
September 1981 to August 1983

Preparation of a Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics

September 1978 to August 1981

Preparation of a Ph.D. in Fluid Mechanics

UMH Logo University of Mons
PhD (Doctorat en Sciences)
September 1978 to June 1983

Specialisation in Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics.

ULB Logo University of Brussels
MBA (License Spéciale en Gestion)
September 1980 to June 1982

Economy, Marketing, Accounting, Problem Solving, ...

UMH Logo University of Mons
M.Sc. (Licence en Sciences Chimiques)
September 1974 to June 1978

Specialisation in Fluid Mechanics, Computer Sciences.

Activities and Interests

Languages - French (native language); English (fluent); Dutch (passive knowledge).
Computer literacy - Proficiency with mainframes, RS6000, VAX stations, PC's, TSO, VMS, DOS, BASIC, UNIX, FORTRAN, WINDOWS, HTML, all popular word processors, presentation, graphics and worksheet software.

Personal Information
Date of Birth - 11 May 1957. 
Status - Married, two children. 
Nationality – Belgian 
Updated 01 October 1999
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